"My music picks up where my emotions leave off."
- Kawasi

  Musical Artist and Actor Kawasi (pronounced Kway-si), born Kawasi Weston, does more than tell stories through his lyrics; he motivates and inspires. These actions have propelled his career to a level of unparalleled success. Born and raised in Albany, Georgia, by his grandmother, Mrs. Reather Weston, Kawasi was showered with love and purpose at a young age. When he turned 12, he had the opportunity to meet his birth parents, but the encounter would only send Kawasi into a spiraling state of confusion and distaste, but music and the love of his grandmother saved him. "When I was in middle school, I failed the sixth grade. I came home from school and I was so scared, but my grandmother called me over and said 'If you wanna be a failure in life you do that. If you want to be successful in life be that. Now go outside and play." said Kawasi This moment is where Kawasi said he learned the true meaning of love. Mrs. Weston is a big part of the success of this rising star and even motivated him to take a second look at the life he was living and re-evaluate. Some may assume that after graduating Morehouse College, Princeton University & working with the Hillary Clinton camp in a dream job was enough, but for Kawasi it only scratched the surface. So he left behind a career in the world of International Affairs to pursue his dreams. Those dreams took him all the way to Los Angeles. With the release of opiOids in 2020, Kawasi is here to stay.